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Advanced New Features of Planetary Precast Concrete Mixers

CO-NELE Planetary Precast Concrete Mixer has complete models, which can meet various batch production and realize efficient and rapid intermittent operation.
②CO-NELE Planetary Precast Concrete Mixer can be flexibly arranged and planned. The mixer can be used for mixing materials of various properties for high-precision material ratio production.
planetary concrete mixer
③CO-NELE Planetary Precast Concrete Mixer adopts three-dimensional vertical mixing, and the materials in the mixing material are continuously dispersed and reunited, and the mixing of materials with large disparity is fast and efficient. The drive system of the CO-NELE Planetary Precast Concrete Mixer has low noise, convenient maintenance, accurate and sensitive control.
④The CO-NELE Planetary Precast Concrete Mixer is equipped with a high-quality discharge system and control system, which has more adjustability to the requirements and standards of the mixing effect. The cylinder, liner, and blades of the CO-NELE Planetary Precast Concrete Mixer are made of high-quality original parts, which have strong wear resistance and greatly extend the service life of the equipment.
planetary concrete mixer

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