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Advanced Twin Spiral Concrete Mixer Used in Sludge

Performance advantages:

High-strength structural design with super wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material selection: good steel structure design provides a reliable frame structure for the stable use of sludge treatment mixers, and the application of super wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials realizes the impeccable sludge treatment mixer Really realize that sludge mixer can be used for the treatment of hazardous waste and solid waste.

The high-quality mixing effect promotes the multi-faceted use of the sludge mixer. The sludge treatment mixer plays an advanced role in the general sludge pretreatment. It can also be used in the solidification of sludge and the restoration of contaminated soil.

The sludge mixer is easy to maintain and fix. The advanced sludge mixer is not only highly efficient, but also reliable and reliable in all aspects. The advanced sludge mixer produced by CO-NELE only requires very little time for regular maintenance, which can ensure a low failure rate of the equipment.

            Advanced Twin Spiral Concrete Mixer Used in Sludge        Advanced Twin Spiral Concrete Mixer Used in Sludge

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