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CO-NELE Advanced CQM intensive mixer realizes mixing and granulation efficiently

Intensive mixer, also known as countercurrent mixer, can efficiently realize mixing and granulation.
The mixing principle of intensive mixer:
The intensive mixer rotates the material tank together, and at the same time, the agitator rotating in the same direction at the centrifugal position generates the force that can cut the material. In the complex flow, the speed difference is formed, and the material is small and densely mixed.
intensive mixer
Principle of strong countercurrent mixing:
The intensive mixer adopts the advanced mixing principle: the strong countercurrent principle makes the material undergo violent mixing movement in the mixer.
The arm scraper and bottom scraper/knife can help 100% of the material participate in the mixing and play a self-cleaning role.
The mixing uniformity is high, even if a trace additive is added, it can be mixed uniformly.
intensive mixer

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