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CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer opens a new construction industry direction

CO-NELE vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer's production advantages:
1. The vertical shaft mixer uses a new planetary mixing mode. From the point of view of the design concept, the planetary mixing operation drives the mixing device to rotate and revolve, generating a complex material flow in the mixing barrel, so it can perform high uniformity on different types of materials. Qualitative mixing work.
2. The forced mixing of planetary concrete mixer has both stable and fast mixing performance. The forced mixing force brings the equipment to different industries for processing, especially in the production of building materials, refractory materials and other industries.
3.CO-NELE has made great efforts in terms of the structural configuration design and material selection of the vertical shaft planetary mixer.  Under the premise of preparing more sophisticated equipment, CO-NELE controls production costs and ensures that users can earn more with lower equipment purchase costs. 
planetary concrete mixer   planetary concrete mixer

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