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CO-NELE twin-shaft concrete mixer in dealing sludge

The quality of the twin-shaft concrete mixer is reflected in all aspects of equipment application. The twin-shaft sludge mixer can evenly mix the sludge and additives together, effectively ensuring the reliability of sludge treatment and playing an important role in mixing. The effective stirring device uses two stirring shafts to carry the animal feed to form a three-dimensional circulation, which promotes the mixing of sludge and additives more fully.
The twin-shaft sludge mixer designed by CO-NELE can meet the needs of the sludge treatment industry, and the mixing is more in line with the process standards. The sludge treatment mixer better meets the future development needs of the industry, so as to better reflect the economy of the equipment.
High-quality uses of sludge treatment mixer:
1. The twin-shaft sludge mixer can be used as a stand-alone machine or in the layout of the production line. The equipment has low energy consumption and strong environmental performance.
2. The twin-shaft sludge mixer runs smoothly during use, which can ensure the safety of use.
3. The twin-shaft sludge mixer has strong curing performance, and the cleaning after use is more concise, saving manpower.
twin shaft concrete mixertwin shaft concrete mixer

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