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Automation and diversification of CO-NELE refractory castable mixer

CO-NELE planetary refractory castable mixer is a diversified mixing equipment. A reliable mixing device is selected for rapid shearing of refractory materials, and the reducer can complete stable material mixing, reducing the possibility of malfunction. The planetary stirring ability can not only quickly stir refractory materials, but also achieve high uniformity effects. Its processing ability for refractory castables is very reliable.
The refractory castable mixer can meet various production requirements of refractory materials. The planetary mixer adopts advanced motors and reducers to form the rotation and revolution of the planet, which can form an omni-directional and non-dead angle mixing for refractory castables, forming various ideal ratios of mixing.
Diversified effects of refractory castable mixer:
1. Planetary multi-level refinement and forced mixing can effectively protect the original form of the mixture.
2. The fully automatic operation of the refractory castable mixer helps to improve the energy conversion rate and save energy.
3. Stirring to form three-dimensional mixing, mixing without dead ends, high uniformity, fast mixing speed, fast and clean discharge.
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