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Effect of planetary concrete mixer used in UHPC production

UHPC ultra-high performance concrete, also called reactive powder concrete, is an innovative cement-based engineering material in the past thirty years. The emergence of UHPC is a great leap in the performance of engineering materials. UHPC is a special concrete with super high strength, super low water absorption, super durability and corrosion resistance. The ultra-high strength of UHPC matrix is ​​further strengthened and toughened by a small amount of alkali-resistant glass fiber, polyvinyl alcohol fiber, and steel fiber. The use of the vertical shaft planetary mixer in the ultra-high performance concrete industry can effectively ensure the high-quality effect of its toughness and compressive capacity in precast components. So where is the mandatory effect of UHPC ultra-high performance concrete mixer?
1. UHPC ultra-high performance concrete mixer is a compulsory mixer with mature mixer technology, controllable concrete production cost, low maintenance cost during normal use, and no waste of materials.
2. The ultra-high performance concrete mixer adopts three-dimensional vertical mixing. The materials in the mixing material are continuously dispersed and reunited under the driving of the mixing device and the transmission device, and the materials with large disparity are mixed quickly. The transmission device of the vertical ultra-high performance concrete mixer is mainly driven by a single-motor reducer. During the operation of the entire equipment, a special reducer balances the power to each device to achieve effective mechanical effect.
3. The user uses a vertical ultra-high performance concrete mixer whose forced mixing effect can effectively improve the cohesiveness of aggregate and cement slurry, reduce concrete cracks, and prevent concrete from producing fibrosis problems during discharge. The mixer can effectively ensure UHPC The high load performance and rigid structure of ultra-high performance concrete ensure the high compressive capacity and durability of concrete.
planetary concrete mixer      planetary concrete mixer

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