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Efficient and environmentally friendly planetary concrete mixer used in the subway segment production line

The planetary mixer is a new product designed and developed based on the traditional mixer. Compared with the traditional mixer, the planetary mixer has a specially designed mixing device to make the mixing speed faster, the mixing is more uniform, and there is no stacking phenomenon. The planetary mixer is currently a very high-frequency product in various industries, and has been widely used in many places, becoming the new darling of various industries.
1. Accuracy: The mixing of concrete can achieve complex motion trajectories. The mixing motion is strong. The vertical shaft rotating mixer can shear, squeeze, and flip the mortar. These consistent motions can help promote the rapid circulation of the mortar, and the mixing The rotation and revolution of the shaft make the movement structure more complicated, improve the mixing quality, and promote the microcirculation effect.
2. Intelligence: Metro tube production line host-vertical shaft planetary mixer full-automatic intelligent production system adopts man-machine interface, menu selection working mode, fully automatic control of material ratio, mixing and unloading, fast running speed, anti-interference ability Strong, high efficiency, real-time monitoring of the production process to ensure production safety.
3. Environmental protection: The vertical shaft planetary mixer is designed with a vertical structure, its design style is novel, the transmission is stable, and the entire set of equipment is sealed. The sealing device adopts high-quality components, and there is no problem of slurry leakage. The vertical shaft planetary mixer can complete the user's ideal mixing effect in a short time, complete more material mixing under the same energy consumption, save energy and reduce consumption, and effectively protect the environment.
4. High efficiency: the mixing arm of the vertical shaft planetary mixer makes planetary motion, and when the vertical shaft rotates, the material is sheared, squeezed and turned over and other combined actions are forced to stir, and the material is subjected to repeated circulation mixing process, and the mixture is more Uniformity, high mixing efficiency and higher quality.
planetary concrete mixer   planetary concrete mixer

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