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Good Quality Intensity Mixer for Compound Fertilizer Granulator

The CO-NELE compound fertilizer granulator is a machine that forms a granulation effect in a strong countercurrent mixing operation. The granulation level of the compound fertilizer granulator can meet various index requirements of the compound fertilizer industry.


                         Good quality Intensity Mixer For Compound fertilizer Granulator                        Good quality Intensity Mixer For Compound fertilizer Granulator

Features of compound fertilizer granulator:

1. The compound fertilizer granulation mechanism has a fast ball speed, and the compound turbulence treatment trajectory is used to achieve the combination of stirring force and gravity to form a strong and excellent treatment effect, so that the powder can be quickly mixed and granulated in the barrel.

2. The compound fertilizer granulator has good granulation quality and is suitable for granulation of various light materials. What can be guaranteed is that the pellets have high sphericity and good quality.

3. The compound fertilizer granulator can adapt to a wide range of raw materials. It can be said that the application of the inclined compound fertilizer granulator fills the gap in the use of higher technology machinery in the industry.

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