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How CO-NELE planetary castable mixer overcomes traditional processing problems

The CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer has become a new star in the field of refractory castable mixing equipment, and has quickly become an important refractory equipment in the field of castables industry. Compared with the traditional refractory castable mixer, how does the planetary castable mixer overcome the traditional processing problems?
The planetary castable mixer developed and produced by CO-NELE is a derivative equipment that combines a planetary mixer and a intensive mixer. The planetary mixing is designed on the basis of forced mixing. The rest of the equipment is configured with low power consumption and realizes a low energy consumption and high operation mixing process.
The planetary castable mixer is equipped with a self-developed mixing blade device, and the parallelogram structure is unique. Through the push, squeeze and exhaust functions of the raw material of the castable, it greatly improves the refractory castable and binder of the traditional castable mixer. 
Planetary refractory castable mixer combined with its own unique design structure, equipped with high-quality discharge system and control system, has more adjustments to the requirements and standards of mixing effect, and is more suitable for the equal production requirements of various refractory castables.
planetary concrete mixer    planetary concrete mixer

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