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Intensive Concrete Mixer for Sintering

The production process of iron and steel is the process from iron ore to the finished product. This process includes the sintering process. The sintering production process is to provide refined materials for blast furnace smelting, mixing various raw materials in a certain proportion to produce sintering materials that meet the requirements. The prepared sintering material undergoes physical and chemical changes through sintering equipment, etc., and finally becomes a qualified product.
The advantages of the inclined mixer as a special mixing and granulating equipment for sintering:
In the sintering process, the general raw materials need to be mixed by a mixer and pelletized by a pelletizer. The inclined mixer combines the mixing and pelletizing processes into one. An inclined mixer can mix at the same time. Material and pelletizing process. In such a single manufacturing process, the two major processes of mixing and pelletizing are completed at the same time, which not only shortens the production time, but also improves economic efficiency.
intensive mixer

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