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Laboratory concrete mixer-a vertical forced concrete mixer

CO-NELE has many models of concrete mixer equipment. CO-NELE has designed a professional vertical shaft type forced mixer for mixing various types of materials such as concrete in the laboratory. The mixing concept is combined with complex experimental mixing requirements. The CO-NELE laboratory concrete mixer can mix various difficult materials such as ultra-high performance concrete and fiber concrete by changing different mixing devices and supporting different mixing speeds.
The laboratory concrete mixer is suitable for mixing experimental materials such as research institutes, university laboratories, other R&D centers, and new materials. It has considerable advantages in the mixing of ultra-high performance concrete, high-grade concrete, fiber concrete, and foam concrete. Powder, roller compacted material, mortar and materials with large differences in specific gravity are mixed and mixed at a very fast speed, so this laboratory concrete mixer is not only used in the concrete industry, but is used in powder metallurgy, sintering materials, chemical refractory materials, ceramic glass and other industries. 
Laboratory concrete mixer

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