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Operation of forced concrete mixer

The forced mixer relies on its own comprehensive strength and the precise design of the details of the equipment to enable the mixer to complete the mixing effect with high quality. In construction projects, as the demand for high-strength concrete continues to increase, forced mixers need to increase their mixing speed and mixing strength to meet the needs of modern engineering.
twin shaft concrete mixer
The compulsory concrete mixer is manufactured according to the needs of the project and can cause a huge impact on the material. During the mixing process, the rotation of the mixing shaft causes the concrete to be subjected to different external forces at all times. The material runs according to the set trajectory, Get uniform mixing during exercise. The structure of the mixer affects the quality of concrete, and various mixing devices cooperate with each other to complete the mixing effect.
twin shaft concrete mixer
The force advantage of the twin shaft concrete mixer: the monitoring system can monitor the operation of the materials in the mixer at any time and discover possible problems in time; scientific and reasonable design and reliable data reduce the friction and impact of the materials, and make the materials flow It is more reasonable, shortens the mixing time, and improves the mixing efficiency; the blades and lining are made of high wear-resistant alloy, plus advanced heat treatment technology, and have a long service life.

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