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Performance advantages of twin-shaft concrete mixer made by CO-NELE

(1) The main shaft sealing structure adopts a combination of multiple sealing methods, and the automatic lubrication system is reliable and lubricated to ensure the long-term reliability of the shaft end seal
(2) Blades and lining plates are made of high-alloy wear-resistant materials, coupled with advanced heat treatment technology and design methods, long service life
(3) The advanced design concept of the mixer effectively solves the problem of the sticking shaft of the mixer, improves the mixing efficiency, reduces the mixing load, and improves the product reliability;
twin shaft concrete mixer  twin shaft concrete mixer
(4) The mixing main reducer is a special mixing reducer completely independently developed and designed, with high efficiency, low noise, large torque, and strong impact resistance;
(5) The product has a reasonable design structure, a novel layout, and is easy to use and maintain.

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