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Planetary Refractory Mixer For Industrial Production Exported to Korea

Category: CMP(Vertical Axis Planetary Mixer)   

Features: High mixing efficiency, Uniform mixing, Good sealing, Good environmental protection

The working principle of CMP: the revolution of the stirring blade, continuous stirring of the rotating layer, 360 degrees of stirring without dead angle.

Application Industry: various indefinite refractory materials, qualitative refractory materials, casting materials, refractory bricks, etc.

                                                       Planetary Refractory Mixer For Industrial Production Exported to Korea                                             

The Korean company collaborating with CO-NELE this time has stable customer resources in the Korean refractory industry. This company has developed steadily and has good prospects. After this cooperation, both parties have increased their trust in each other and both of them are looking forward to the future cooperation.

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