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Planetary concrete mixer equipment introduction

CO-NELE is a manufacturer of planetary mixing equipment with strong design and high capabilities.
CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer is well-known and professional in the country, with a unique device design, which can improve the quality and performance of the product during mixing.
planetary concrete mixer  planetary concrete mixer
1. A hydraulic coupler can be used as a connection between the motor and the reducer of the planetary concrete mixer. The hydraulic coupler uses liquid as a medium to transmit power. In use, it can achieve stepless speed change and high reliability. The machine is automatically adjusted throughout the whole process to save energy.
2. The planetary concrete mixer is driven by a single motor, which can ensure the synchronous output of materials. The overall structure of the equipment is compact, and sufficient production line layout space can be guaranteed regardless of the production line.
3. The mixing trajectory of the planetary concrete mixer is progressive, through the combination of rotation and revolution to achieve high efficiency and high uniformity mixing, fast and labor-saving.
4. The sealing device of the planetary concrete mixer is reliable, the hopper lifting device is reasonable, and the equipment is durable. The planetary concrete mixer has a wide range of use and can be customized according to different needs.
5. The professional design of planetary concrete mixer can realize the automatic adjustment of the machine, adapt to the large-load movement of materials, and save various energy. The mixing blade can quickly cover a large amount of mixing drum, which overcomes the defects of traditional mixers .

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