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Planetary mixers are becoming more and more popular with refractory manufacturers

Planetary refractory mixer has many advantages, so it develops rapidly in the mixer industry. Now most refractory manufacturers have begun to choose to use planetary refractory mixers.
The use of planetary refractory mixers is largely due to the rapid development of the domestic refractory industry. Some high-performance refractories, such as basic refractories, etc., many forms of refractory production processes are very difficult, and a mixer is required to process the refractory raw materials to a higher degree in order to produce high-quality refractories.
The planetary refractory mixer maintains a stable processing level in the entire production of refractory materials and refractory products. The mixer considers not only the production quality requirements, but also the production efficiency and equipment quality level requirements.
                                           planetary concrete mixer
Advantages of CO-NELE planetary refractory mixer:
First, the planetary refractory mixer has strong mixing technology.
Second, the planetary refractory mixer has good quality, is not easy to deform in use, and has a high degree of wear resistance.
Third, the planetary refractory mixer has a short production and operation cycle.
Fourth, the planetary refractory mixer production process saves raw materials.

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