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Recommend a high-quality concrete mixer suitable for the production of cement poles

Cement poles and electric towers are important types of special support in infrastructure such as power transmission, communications, railways, airports, and municipalities. Cement poles and electric towers' performance directly affects the safety, economy and reliability of the electric line. In recent years, the production and application of circular cement poles have developed rapidly, and many new cement pole manufacturers have emerged. However, in some enterprises, most of the production scales are small, the equipment is simple and the technology is not perfect, and the produced cement poles have quality problems.

planetary concrete mixer

The advantages of planetary concrete mixer used in the production of cement poles:

The CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer can be equipped with a water metering device, which has higher metering accuracy and can effectively prevent the uneven wall thickness of cement poles.

The mixing system of the planetary mixer adopts a combination of rotation and revolution. When the mixer rotates on the vertical shaft, the compound actions such as shearing, squeezing and turning of the material are forcibly mixed. The rotation and revolution have opposite forces to the material. The mixing track can cover the entire mixing drum. The materials in all corners can be mixed, which can effectively improve the uniformity of concrete.

planetary concrete mixer


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