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The difference between planetary refractory mixer and intensive refractory mixer

In the refractory industry, planetary refractory mixer and intensive refractory mixer are two commonly used equipment. Regardless of whether you choose a planetary refractory mixer or an intensive refractory mixer, the ultimate goal is to achieve a uniform refractory composition and facilitate the next processing. CO-NELE introduces the difference between planetary refractory mixer and intensive refractory mixer.
1. Planetary refractory mixer
The planetary refractory mixer fully uses the functions of turning, kneading and dispersing in the machine, making the mechanical mixing ability flexible and full. The original mixing material can maintain the physical properties of the original state under the force of this equipment, thereby ensuring the strength and performance of the product.
planetary concrete mixer
2. Intensive refractory mixer
The intensive refractory mixer achieves high uniformity mixing through the gravity action of the barrel and the forced stirring action of the stirring rotor. The intensive refractory mixer is designed with a slanted barrel and cooperates with the dual mixing function of the mixer to form a three-dimensional mixing. The mixing has no dead ends, high uniformity, fast mixing speed and clean discharge. The intensive refractory mixer has a strong mixing process, but it will not damage or wear the materials.
intensive mixer

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