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The planetary concrete mixer can meet the mixing needs of various materials

Features of the planetary concrete mixer:
(1) The mixing track of the planetary concrete mixer is covered, dense and continuous. Simple operation, easy maintenance, beautiful equipment design, suitable for configuration in various production lines.
(2) The maintenance door with a large opening structure makes it better sealed, effectively preventing material leakage, and has a wider view of the observation port.
(3) The mixing arm of the planetary concrete mixer makes planetary motion. When the vertical shaft rotates, the material is sheared, squeezed and turned over and other composite actions are forced to mix, so that the mixture is more uniform and higher in quality.
(4) Advanced gearbox. The gearbox has low noise, high torque and strong durability. The connection between the motor and the gearbox adopts elastic couplings, fluid couplings, and torque limiters to prevent the transmission system from being subjected to overload and impact, and to ensure efficient operation of the equipment.
The configuration of the vertical shaft planetary mixer can be selected according to customer requirements, so that it can better meet the mixing needs of different materials and achieve better results.
planetary concrete mixer  planetary concrete mixer

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