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Twin Spiral Concrete Mixer Used for Fly Ash Curing

Fly ash solidification treatment equipment has attracted attention and become a hot spot with the development of waste incineration treatment. The flue gas purification system designed in the whole set of garbage incineration will produce fly ash. These hazardous wastes and solid wastes containing a large amount of heavy metal harmful substances need to be treated with certain technology to prevent harm to human body and ecological environment.

The core of fly ash curing equipment system consists of fly ash curing mixer and fly ash curing control system. The fly ash curing mixer determines the quality of the fly ash curing process, and the fly ash curing control system determines the degree of operation of the complete set of fly ash processing equipment.

The CO-NELE fly ash curing equipment processing system uses an advanced PLC control system. The entire curing process has advanced technical content, reliability throughout, and flexible system expansion performance to urgently handle various emergencies. The fly ash curing equipment system uses a fully functional and powerful control programming. The general software has high openness and high cost performance. The complete system of CO-NELE fly ash curing equipment can monitor the entire processing hardware equipment configuration and software control.

       Twin Spiral Concrete Mixer Used for Fly Ash Curing           Twin Spiral Concrete Mixer Used for Fly Ash Curing

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