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UHPC mixer-the new favorite equipment of bridge industry

The mechanical ability, durability and stability of UHPC have been well received in its application industry. UHPC has been widely used in industries such as electric poles, bridges, external wall siding, and evacuation platforms.
The mixing tightness of the planetary structure design of CO-NELE uhpc concrete mixer can ensure the high homogeneity effect of the produced materials, and it meets the high standard production requirements in the Uhpc industry; the selection of equipment materials has better wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is to ensure the low failure rate of the equipment, while ensuring the durability of the equipment; the uhpc concrete mixer is more in line with the needs of industry users in terms of solving problems, and effectively overcomes the problems of shaft holding, agglomeration, unevenness, etc. .
The current planetary UHPC concrete mixer is based on the particularity of its own structure, coupled with the continuous optimization of its own equipment by CO-NELE machinery manufacturers, making the planetary concrete mixer produced by CO-NELE stand out and successfully become a special mixer for the UHPC concrete industry.
UHPC planetary mixer        UHPC planetary mixer

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