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Use effect of CO-NELE refractory mixer

The castable mixer is a mixer used to mix refractory materials, plastic concrete, coatings, etc. It has now become a necessary mixing equipment in the refractory industry. It can adapt to the operation of high temperature environments and is used in refractory production lines. 
There are two different types of mixers produced by CO-NELE used in the refractory industry: planetary concrete mixers and intensive mixers. Although these two different types of mixers have different structures, they can both be used for castables, etc. The refractory materials are stirred stably and uniformly, and the stirring effect is very good.
The refractory products that can be stirred by the planetary concrete mixer and intensive mixer include: castables, spray coatings, ramming materials, plastics, corundum, magnesia, magnesia calcium, aluminum magnesia, magnesia silicon, etc.
Use effect of refractory mixer:
1. The refractory mixer realizes automatic batching and metering production line, and CO-NELE realizes customized solution service.
2. The refractory mixer can achieve the effects of high efficiency, no dead ends, high uniformity, and the quality of the refractory materials mixed is guaranteed, and the material is highly refined.
3. The equipment has reliable quality, strong stability, large capacity and high productivity.
4. The balance of mixing quality is conducive to obtaining good mixing quality in a short time.
5. The infinitely variable operation can control the different mixing requirements for materials of different properties.
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