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Vertical Axis Planetary Mixer with Advanced Technology

Product Details:

The vertical axis planetary mixer is an advanced mixing device in the concrete mixer industry. On the premise of ensuring the mixing quality, the vertical axis planetary mixer made by CO-NELE also pursues the rapid and efficient mixing work.

CO-NELE vertical axis planetary mixer can mix materials of multiple categories. The vertical axis planetary mixer will form a unique material flow during the mixing process, so it can complete a single high uniformity mixing work, and can also perform a mixing process with kneading.

The CO-NELE vertical axis planetary mixer not only has good mixing effect, but also can be equipped with more equipment functions: high pressure cleaning, humidity content, temperature test, etc. CO-NELE vertical axis planetary mixer provide a comprehensive system of services, from design and production, installation and commissioning, personnel training and after-sales service, spare parts supply is complete and affordable.

                  Vertical Axis Planetary Mixer                               Vertical Axis Planetary Mixer

Customers' evaluation of the vertical axis planetary mixer made by CO-NELE is:

High quality

Technically Advanced

High mixing efficiency

Easy to operate



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