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Vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer based on quality

In the mixer industry, the vertical shaft planetary mixer is a high-efficiency, dead-spot-free mixing machine made by the planetary principle. It is suitable for mixing various building materials, refractory materials and cement products, and its mixing effect is stronger than other mixers.
planetary concrete mixer  planetary concrete mixer
The vertical shaft planetary mixer is complete:
Mixing device: The mixing arm pushes the material into the mixing drum, and the material is repeatedly circulated by various extrusions. The mixer adopts the effects of rotation and revolution, which can make the mixing fast and labor-saving, and achieve uniform mixing without layering.
The transmission device runs smoothly. Single-machine drive, eliminating the need to make up the material output. The connection between the motor and the reducer adopts a fluid coupling to realize stepless variable speed operation, saving electric energy and realizing rapid energy transmission.

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