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A set of PC precast concrete mixing plant configuration

Autior : conele Time : 2018/06/02
                                                                                         PC precast concrete mixing plant
     According to the requirements of residential industrialization and industrialization of buildings, PC components for concrete precasts are required to be produced in the factory through standardized and standardized mechanization requirements. The concrete applications here are in the pc construction industry, including pipe piles, and concrete standards are more demanding. The requirements for mixing equipment for concrete production are higher, and special mixing equipment is needed to match it. Cornelius specially designs and manufactures special stirring equipment that meets the requirements of high standards according to the current national environmental protection requirements and production requirements combined with foreign advanced mixing technology. The equipment consists of a mixing master, a control system, a batching system, a conveying system, a storage bin, and a metering system.
precast concrete mixing plant
     PC concrete mixing plant parameters
     First, the concrete mixer uses a vertical axis planetary concrete mixer;
1. The host chooses high-end concrete mixing equipment - vertical axis planetary mixer;
2. The vertical axis planetary reducer specially designed and developed guarantees an all-round, uniform and high-quality stirring effect;
3. The main engine ensures reliable wear-resistance, rapid and uniform mixing, the working life of the mixing shovel is not less than 30,000 cans, and the service life of the liner is not less than 50,000 cans;
4. Multiple discharge ports can be designed. The discharge gate can be manually opened. When a sudden failure or temporary power outage occurs, the material can be manually shoveled from the discharge port.
5. Safety device: The main body is provided with inspection openings on both sides. The inspection cover and the opening and closing power supply are interlocked. When the inspection cover is opened, the power supply is cut off and the supporting host cannot use it.
6. Stirring particle size: ≤ 80 mm, stirring host has the ability to instantly overload 10%.
     Second, steel structure and related requirements
     1. Stairs: Stairs from the ground to the mixing floor are all steel stairs;
     2. The width of all stairs is not less than 80mm, each step height is 20mm, each step is 20mm;
     3. Galvanized high-strength bolts of not less than 8.8 are used for the structural connection of the main building of the mixing tower;
     4. All steel parts, welding must comply with the specification, the material must provide a material list and quality assurance.
     Third, the characteristics of the control room
     1. The design of the height position of the control room should be convenient for viewing discharge material at the discharge port;
     2. Maintain a proper distance between the control room and the main building to avoid resonance and install air conditioners in the control room;
     3. Electric control box: Contactor, relay and other electrical components use Schneider brand;
     4. Power cabinets, weak cabinets and consoles must meet national standards. Plate thickness: 400mm or less is not less than 1.5mm, control cabinet is not less than 2mm;
     5. All cables are made of national standard copper core cable;
     Fourth, the control system requirements:
     1) The software interface shall have the on/off status of the metering door, the opening screen of the liquid pump, the screw machine and the belt conveyor; the weighing screen shall have the weighing value, the excess alarm and the confirmation button;
     2) The order of blanking of the aggregates, powders, water, etc. can be adjusted by software into the mixing master;
     3) Meters equipped with various materials can easily adjust the menu and have automatic measurement error compensation;
     4) Industrial control software open interface to ERP manufacturers to facilitate ERP acquisition and data transmission;
     5) With automatic control and manual control in two ways;
     6) The IPC is an Advantech/Siemens brand, and the IPC is configured to meet the overall work requirements;
     7) The industrial control system configures the UPS power supply, and the UPS can be powered by no less than two three-hole outlets that can be powered down;
     V. Monitoring System
     1) The monitoring system adopts a brand monitoring system as a whole. The cameras adopt high-resolution digital cameras. The monitoring host adopts digital high-definition monitoring hard disk recorders.
     2) The monitoring system supports network cable interfaces for subsequent access to plant-wide monitoring and access to storage devices;
     3) The monitor screen is arranged next to the industrial control computer. The operator can see each screen at any time. At any time, the camera screen can be switched to full screen for detailed observation.
     Six, powder warehouse
     1) A total of 4 powder tanks, 2 cement storage, 2 storage powder, tank layout should be reasonable, shall not affect the layout of roads, laboratories, etc.;
     2) Each powder silo is equipped with a reservoir top safety valve, and the top of the warehouse adopts pulse type bag dust removal;
     3) The level meter of the four powder tanks, the high position level meter uses the resistance rotation level meter, the low level meter uses the steel wire rope to crank;
     4) The powder bin is equipped with a manual butterfly valve at the cone bottom outlet, and a cone filter is installed at the bottom of the bin.
     5) There is a broken arch device on the library cone, (the switch in the control room, can be controlled and manual control);
     6) The powder silo is designed with a straight cage ladder with protective function so that the roof can be overhauled;
     7) The top of the warehouse is equipped with one-piece protective railings. There are pavilions at the top of each warehouse, and the diameters of the four powder tanks are properly adjusted to make the top of the warehouse the same height.
     8) Powder silo maintenance platform, warehouse roof platform, maintenance passages, walkways, etc., which are vacant everywhere, fences are not less than 1.2 meters high;
     Seventh, measurement system
     1) Aggregate dosing system: various aggregates are individually measured with a measuring range of 0-3200 kg and an accuracy of ± 2%. The unloading door adopts pneumatic method, the action must be flexible, and anti-card structure;
     2) Powder metering system: Cement metering range: 0-2400 kg, Accuracy: ± 1%, Metering range of powder admixture: 0-1600 kg, Accuracy: ± 1%;
     3) Liquid metering system: water metering range: 0-1000 kg, accuracy: ± 1%, liquid admixture metering range: 0-100 kg, accuracy ± 1%;
     4) METTLER TOLEDO sensors are used for all metering sensors.