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Advanced Foundry Sand Mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/06/02

The requirements of modern technology on equipment are becoming higher and higher, such as the sand mixer used in the sand mixing process, and the sand mixer used in casting. The sand mixer must not only meet the needs of the equipment itself, but also meet the use of automation and other functional features. In other words, the future industry is improving, and related equipment also needs to be improved, otherwise it can only be eliminated.

The sand-mixing process is an important process in the molding operation. The operation and application are very frequent, and it has a direct impact on the production quality.

The inclined sand mixer is different from the general sand mixing in structure. Although they are all sand mixing devices, the intensive sand mixer has an advanced design on the mixing drum: the rotary mixing drum. This design brings more advantages to the high-efficiency and powerful sand mixer. Therefore, the inclined sand mixer can perform the sand mixing work required by various processes. The equipment has low consumption and high efficiency, and the overall economic benefit is high.

The inclined sand mixer has high reliability, high production efficiency, strong production control ability, stable and sustainable application of equipment.

                 Advanced Foundry Sand Mixer Exported to Japan             Advanced Foundry Sand Mixer Exported to Japan

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