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Advantage of CQM High intensive mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2018/06/27
1. Inclined structure design adopts an optimized design angle so that the mixed material will produce a specific flow field that is tilted up and down. There will be no phenomenon of “anti-mixing” within the mixing barrel, and a mixture with very high uniformity and good dispersibility can be obtained. Even if one-thousandth of the additives can be evenly dispersed, the mixing effect is good;
intensive mixer
2. The rotating speed of the mixing drum can be customized. At the same time, there are four layers of surfacing materials with tungsten carbide composite liners and leaves. The equipment wear is small, easy to maintain, and long service life;
3. Multi-functional scraper blades prevent sticking of the side walls and bottom of the mixing drum and accelerated discharge at the end of the mixing cycle. At the same time, replaceable parts are used in the structural design where the parts are easily worn. The quantity is determined according to the stirring material, which reduces the maintenance cost;
4. Intensive mixer Inclined structure design:
even if the mixer is only filled with half or one-third of the material, it can achieve a satisfactory mixing effect;
intensive mixer mixing device
5. High production efficiency and short batch time;
6. The Intensive mixer adopts a totally enclosed structure, multiple seals, and almost no dust during operation.
7.Provide temperature and humidity measurement probes to ensure adaptability to different application industries and process needs.