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Advantageous application of twin-shaft concrete mixer in construction, public buildings and factory buildings

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/10
With the increasing demand for high-strength and high-performance concrete in building construction, twin-shaft concrete mixers have been widely used in construction, public buildings and factory buildings. It continuously produces physical and chemical changes in the mixture by cutting and impacting the concrete.
CO-NELE twin-shaft concrete mixer drives the mixing blades to shear, squeeze and flip the materials in the drum through the rotary motion of the mixing shaft, so that the materials are fully mixed in the relatively vigorous movement. Therefore, it has the advantages of good mixing quality, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
twin shaft concrete mixer   twin shaft concrete mixer
The twin-shaft concrete mixer has the advantages of high efficiency in use:
The layout of the whole machine is compact. The overall design of the twin-shaft mixer is simple, the structure is firm and durable, and the whole machine is reasonable and reliable.
High mixing quality. The quality of concrete mixing, productivity, and maintenance costs are all related to the mixer shaft. The mixing blades of the mixer shaft squeeze the materials and roll to achieve a good mixing effect.

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