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Advantages of CO-NELE planetary concrete mixers

Autior : conele Time : 2020/10/14

1.The CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer adopts a planetary mixing device, which can fully mix the materials without dead ends, and the output materials are of high uniformity and good quality.

2.CO-NELE planetary mixers can be equipped with hydraulic couplers, humidity and temperature controllers, water metering and other technical devices to provide users with more accurate and better mixing services. The diversified functional design of the mixer is more conducive to users' production on demand, shortens the production cycle, and improves the efficiency of the concrete mixer.

planetary concrete mixer  planetary concrete mixer

3.CO-NELE Machinery Co., Ltd. can produce large capacity concrete mixers to meet the needs of users for mass production.

4.The high level of automation of the CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer can reduce labor costs, reduce labor intensity, reduce work accidents, and improve work efficiency and product quality.

5.The performance of the CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer in safety and environmental protection conforms to the trend of industry use, drives product upgrades and iterations, and promotes equipment innovation.

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