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Advantages of vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer for manufacturing precast cement components

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/15
First of all, the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer adopts planetary mixing motion. The mixing arm rotates and revolves. Its mixing track is spread over all parts of the mixing drum, so that the material mixing is more uniform and the mixing movement is more intense. Therefore, the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer can meet the mixing requirements of precast concrete, with high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality, and product homogeneity requirements. The molds of the precast concrete components are arranged directly below the mixing station, and there is no secondary mixing in the transportation of commercial concrete tankers, so the homogeneity standard of the first mixing is required to be higher. Only by improving the homogeneity of the first mixing can the waste rate of the finished precast components be reduced and the high quality of the customer's finished products can be achieved. Therefore, the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer is more suitable for the mixing of precast concrete due to its superior planetary mixing performance.
planetary concrete mixer
Secondly, considering the operating cost, the mixing blade of the planetary concrete mixer adopts a parallelogram design structure. When the mixing is worn to a certain extent, it can be rotated 180 degrees and continue to be reused, which can reduce the cost of customers' accessories. The streamlined design of the mixing arm reduces the probability of material holding the shaft, and a special wear-resistant sheath is designed to extend the service life of the mixing arm.
planetary concrete mixer
Therefore, for prefabricated cement products, the vertical shaft planetary mixer is the best choice as the mixing host.

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