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CDS2000 twin-spiral forcing type mixer Mixing device

Autior : conele Time : 2018/05/30
CDS2000  twin-spiral  forcing type mixer Mixing device 
Stirring arm and radial direction of general double horizontal shaft mixer are both streamline type, which may not only produce radial cutting action in the mixing process, but also play the effective axial driving action, make material agitation more violent and reach concrete homogenization state in a short time. Because of the unique design of the mixing device, the utilization of cement is improved. As for the twin-screw mixing device with patent design, two shafts rotate relatively in the mixing process. The mixing force produced by the blade may guarantee the severe radial motion and aggravate the axial propulsion of mixing materials. The material is fully stirred in a stirring tube in a short period of time. The stirring efficiency is increased by 10%-15%. The other mixers are far away from them, so that the mixing forms are more diverse. According to different concrete requirements, the mixing is more uniform and more efficient.
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