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CHS double shaft concrete mixer can improve 8 kinds of mechanism of traditional double shaft mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2018/08/16
CHS efficient double horizontal shaft concrete mixer is very popular in industry
Double shaft mixer is a kind of common concrete industry machinery and equipment, we all know that it is the first to use machinery production of concrete mixing equipment types, one of the mixing efficiency is high, the volume is big, has the high economic and practical and the using range is wide, so the equipment is now developed into the largest share of concrete mixer industry type.
double shaft concrete  mixer
The so-called forced stirring is to form a certain material flow by applying mechanical force to the mixture, so that the mixture can be evenly distributed and mixed. In simple terms, the working principle of double horizontal shaft forced mixer is that the drive mechanism rotates the stirring shaft in the cylinder through the coupling, and the rotating motion of stirring blade causes the weight of mixing material to shift accordingly, so that the mixing material can achieve more ideal mixing effect through the circulation. The motion characteristic of double horizontal shaft mixer is that the mixing device makes relatively large relative motion to the mixed material, and the material has both radial and horizontal short distance motion. Through this operation characteristic, the double-horizontal shaft mixer has excellent mixing advantages, and this operation mode also makes the double-horizontal shaft mixer have certain underuse -- leakage phenomenon at the shaft end, easy to wear and hold the shaft.
At present, the equipment of double horizontal shaft mixer is underused
The shaft end seal is located on the shaft of the mixer, between the mixing blade and the supporting bearing, which is used to prevent leakage of shaft end. As the working mode of the double-horizontal shaft mixer inevitably decides that the problem of shaft end seal of the double-horizontal shaft mixer cannot be solved fundamentally, it can only be improved continuously to alleviate this phenomenon. Stirring device mainly includes the stirring shaft, stirring arm, mixing blades and mixer lining, and double shaft mixer is stirring device to forced shear, flip mix movement form even mixing material, stir in harsh, half harsh mix, the mixing plant can produce larger wear, lead to these equipment accessories make use of time is not long and certain types of materials is stirring arm shaft.
CHS high efficiency double horizontal shaft concrete mixer, eight kinds of traditional equipment are improved
1.The shaft end seal is equipped with floating oil seal ring, special seal and mechanical seal.
2.Fully automatic lubrication system, four-point independent oil pump oil supply, high working pressure, excellent performance;
3.The mounting motor is installed with a patented belt self-tensioning device to improve transmission efficiency, avoid excessive wear and damage of the belt, and reduce maintenance costs.
4.The design concept of large volume ratio can effectively improve the mixing efficiency and reduce the probability of material holding shaft.
5.The unloading door adopts the eccentric double-seal design to prevent material sticking and leakage and small wear.
6.Stirring device USES 60 ° Angle layout patent design, stirring arm flow casting, stir well, small resistance, reduce the risk material holding shaft;
7.Equipped with military-grade planetary reducer with stable transmission and high load capacity;
8.Available with Italian original gear reducer, German original full-automatic lubrication pump, high-pressure cleaning device, temperature and humidity test system.
CHS double horizontal shaft concrete mixer
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