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CMP planetary refractory castable mixer purchase and advantage

Autior : conele Time : 2019/11/19
Refractory mixer is a professional mixing equipment in the material industry.It has high technical content.The refractory material mixing machine itself has many performance advantages,parameter advantages and quality advantages.Therefore,customers must specify before purchasing CO-NELE equipment.Implement the required model parameters,communicate with the sales staff and trade again.
refarctory mixer apllication
Planetary mixer for mixing various refractory materials
Refractory mixers take advantage of the structural advantages of planetary mixers
The material is rotated and revolved so that the material can be circulated in the cylinder for a short period of time, and the wall of the refractory mixer is finished by precision processing to ensure that the equipment is stirred in the refractory material. The material stuck to the can is scraped off.
The quality of the agitation can also be improved during the agitation process to promote the quality and economic benefits of the production of refractory products.
palnetary refractory mixer
Planetary refractory mixer
Refractory material mixer has strong technical handling advantages
Kone's professional technical team is dedicated to researching the performance and manufacturing of the mixer, continuously improving the quality and efficiency of the equipment, and also carrying out high-precision equipment to meet the mixing requirements of more materials through continuous sample preparation.