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CO-NELE Brand Automatic planetary refractory mixer was Praised by customers

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/18
1. The CO-NELE planetary refractory mixer is easy to operate. CO-NELE provides a full set of equipment after-sales service to ensure that customers can fully grasp the equipment operation from installation and test machine to formal use. The control system of CO-NELE has a high level of automation, which is more suitable for users' habits and saves labor.
planetary concrete mixer
2. The CO-NELE planetary refractory mixer  is easy to maintain, and the equipment is flexible and has high processing capacity. Compared with other types of mixers, CO-NELE planetary refractory mixers have strong processing capacity, high mixing uniformity and stable operation of the equipment.
planetary concrete mixer
3. The processing speed of the CO-NELE planetary refractory mixer is fast. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for automatic refractory production lines with high production efficiency requirements, with high material handling capacity and low energy consumption.

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