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CO-NELE Brand High operating efficiency horizontal twin-shaft concrete mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/14
The mixing strength and mixing speed of horizontal twin-shaft concrete mixers are higher than that of ordinary mixers, which can meet the requirements of rapid mixing in engineering construction, so it is widely used in various building construction and railway construction
twin shaft concrete mixer  
The mixing structure of the concrete mixers have a huge impact on the mixing speed. The various structures of the horizontal twin-shaft concrete mixer, including the mixing device, the transmission device, the unloading device, the cleaning device and other devices, cooperate with each other to promote quickly, and the use effect is good.
twin shaft concrete mxer
The horizontal twin-shaft concrete mixer adopts a variety of sealing methods, and the automatic lubrication system is reliably lubricated to ensure the reliability of the shaft end seal. The large area of the barrel ratio provides enough space for the material to run and avoids the phenomenon of shaft holding.

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