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CO-NELE MP Series Vertical Shaft Planetary Mixer Mixer Design

Autior : conele Time : 2018/06/12

CO-NELE MP series vertical axis planetary concrete mixer arm adopts streamlined profile design, and designed with a special wear-resistant protective sleeve, which reduces the probability of material adhesion and improves the service life of the mixing arm. After experiments, such mixing arm The structure design is doubled compared with the structure of other stirring arms over the service life. The scraper arm of the vertical axis planetary mixer adopts a reinforced structure design. The use of good stability, the mixing blade and the bottom scraper blade are all designed into a parallelogram structure (Koneiro patented product), when the mixing blade and the bottom scraper blade of the agitator wear. To a certain degree, the blade is rotated 180 degrees for secondary use, and the stirring arm adopts a clamping block type clamping structure, which can improve the utilization of the doubled blade.

Planetary concrete mixer arm structure