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CO-NELE MP1000 PLANETARY CONCRETE MIXER structure features and principle

Autior : conele Time : 2018/08/04

 Concrete vertical planetary mixer structure features:

  The concrete mixer adopting the planetary mixing concept is a better method to achieve high homogenization effect in the concrete industry and building materials industry. The core technology is to use the planetary stirring device to carry out high-strength forced shearing and kneading of the mixing materials. Material, no dead angle, completely solve the problem of mixing uniformity.

  planetary  mixer

Working principle of concrete vertical planetary mixer

 the vertical installation of the concrete vertical planetary mixer stirrer arm rotates while the mixer arm is working. The mixing planetary rotation direction of the concrete vertical planetary mixer is opposite to the rotation direction of the complete stirring device of the mixer, and the stirring direction between different planets is also different, so there is no inefficient area in the stirring.



Special equipment for concrete vertical planetary mixer:

  Concrete vertical planetary mixer integrated two-way rotating vertical planetary gear reducer mechanism, low noise, high torque, superior performance and reliability, high transmission efficiency, each set of counter-flow and downstream wear-resistant protective sleeves, mixing blades Two-way hyperboloid design.

  The concrete vertical planetary mixer mixing blade is designed as a parallelogram and can be rotated by 180° for repeated use, effectively improving the utilization and life of the blade.

  The advantage of the concrete vertical planetary mixer compared to the twin-shaft concrete mixer is that there is no shaft end seal problem.