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CO-NELE intensive mixer for casting sand production

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/06
A strong shearing effect can be generated in the mixing barrel of the CO-NELE sand mixer, and the material is strongly diffused through the rotatable barrel. This compound effect can not only complete a reliable lateral effect, but also form a full range of up and down mixing. Whether it is running in cross flow or counter flow, it can be mixed very uniformly.
Advantages of CO-NELE sand mixer:
First, the casting sand produced by the CO-NELE mixer has strong stability and high quality; whether it is old or new sand, mixing it with other materials and additives can form a reliable and uniform state, and the sand particles are in a uniform and complete state.
Second, the sand mixer has high working efficiency, stable operation and convenient use.
Third, the sand mixing cycle is short, the mixture performance is high, and the automation level is high.
intensive mixer

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