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CO-NELE intensive mixer is professional granulating equipment

Autior : conele Time : 2020/10/28
The CO-NELE intensive mixer has a very obvious granulating effect for materials in the environmental protection industry such as fly ash and sludge, which can ensure high-quality production results.
intensive mixer
Advantages of CO-NELE intensive mixer:
1. Improve the effect of production 
The CO-NELE intensive mixer is both technical and operational. The user can reliably control the processing process through the hybrid granulator to achieve effective and high-quality granulation.
2. High-quality work
The CO-NELE intensive mixer has continuous processing and stable operation. It uses strong countercurrent and high dispersion for granulation, high flexibility of ball making and wide processing range.
3. Low processing cost
The equipment investment of the mixing granulator is higher than that of the general granulating equipment, but the operating cost is low. One equipment can perform mixing and granulation at the same time, so the processing cost is low.
intensive mixer
The CO-NELE intensive mixer is used for fly ash and sludge without uneven treatment. It can be equipped with PLC control, and the operation is more humanized. CO-NELE also produces small mixing granulators, which can be used for small batch, short cycle, high-precision production.

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