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CO-NELE new technology CQM intensive mixer for refractory production

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/21
Although the current refractory mixing equipment is rich in categories and models, as the refractory mixing equipment that is vital to users, most refractory mixing equipment on the market cannot meet the diversified production needs of users. Therefore, it is necessary for refractory mixer manufacturers to carefully produce a refractory mixer suitable for multi-material mixing for refractory materials. The CO-NELE CQM refractory mixer is a mixing equipment produced by the comprehensive research institute after an in-depth analysis of the powerful mixer and the characteristics of various refractory materials.
intensive mixer
①CQM intensive mixer adopts a uniquely designed inclined structure as a whole to ensure the production efficiency of the project. 
②The significant advantage of the CQM intensive mixer is its intelligence and precision. It is equipped with some intelligent settings such as automatic feeding and automatic shutdown. It realizes automatic operation control and is very convenient to use. Its full-automatic control system adopts high-tech human-machine dialogue, one scale and one meter. The industrial computer and weighing instrument display weight at the same time, which is convenient for production monitoring. The control software can also intuitively simulate and display the entire production process to realize real-time monitoring of the production process.
③CQM intensive mixer has a small footprint, a large internal processing space available for processing refractory castables, and a good volume ratio. This will also do a good job for the improvement of economic efficiency; the same use of energy consumption, higher processing quality, and additional advantages.
④CQM intensive mixer has a high level of automation, automatic cleaning, easy maintenance, dustproof and leakproof, and simple to use.
The various components of the CQM intensive mixer are reliable. CO-NELE provides wearing parts and it is easy to replace wearing parts.
intensive mixer

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