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CO-NELE planetary mixer shows its talents in the wallboard production line

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/22
The new lightweight composite wallboard is a high-quality wall material matched with the fabricated type. It can improve the assembly rate and promote the development of prefabricated buildings. Green, energy-saving, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly lightweight composite wall panels are sure to produce lightweight composite wall panels without the strong support of mixing equipment. Mixing equipment in the wall panel production line Is one of the key concerns.
Nowadays, the mixing equipment on the market are of uneven quality, which makes it difficult for users in the construction market to choose mixing equipment. To improve the production quality of lightweight wall panels, choosing an optional mixer is the key.
The vertical shaft planetary mixer has undergone scientific and rigorous research and development. The equipment mixing barrel is equipped with stainless steel materials, and advanced alloy casting production technology is adopted to strengthen the flexural strength of the equipment mixing materials, reduce the burden, and improve the equipment capacity The vertical shaft planetary mixer has a high degree of automation. The equipment adopts automatic metering, automatic feeding and automatic mixing.
The CO-NELE vertical shaft planetary mixer has high production efficiency, and the large-space mixing barrel has a large one-time discharge capacity, which reduces labor, time, and management costs. At the same time, the quality of the production materials is high, and the quality of multiple discharges is stable. The materials can be directly used in subsequent production, and the user's return period is short.
planetary concrete mixer   planetary concrete mixer

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