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CO-NELE planetary mixers used in construction waste brick production line

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/08
The construction waste brick production line chooses to use the planetary mixer to fully consider the reliable choice of the wide range of brick raw materials. First of all, there is a certain versatility in the types of bricks, such as the production of various wall bricks, permeable bricks, roadside bricks, non-burning bricks, etc. Different brick types have different requirements for the preparation of raw materials. Secondly, due to the wide range of mixing raw materials, after the single construction waste is sorted by different types, there are many types that can be recycled, so re-mixing treatment also requires high mixers.
The advantages of the planetary concrete mixer:
First, the vertical shaft planetary mixer is used in the garbage brick production line with a high degree of automation.
Second, the vertical shaft planetary mixer has a reasonable structure, reliable application, sufficient rigidity and long service life.
Third, the vertical shaft planetary mixer has high production efficiency and good process practicability.
Fourth, The vertical shaft planetary mixer improves the quality of brick making, with low equipment costs and good economic benefits.
construction waste brick     construction waste brick

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