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CO-NELE planetary refractory mixers are good choice for refractory mixing

Autior : conele Time : 2020/10/20

Advantages of CO-NELE planetary refractory mixer:

1. General mixers will produce noise during production process, but CO-NELE planetary refractory mixers have low operating noise.

2. The production process of the CO-NELE planetary refractory mixer is pollution-free, and the machine structure has a reasonable sealing design, which can prevent material leakage.

3. The CO-NELE planetary refractory mixer adopts an advanced planetary mixing device with advanced processing capacity to maximize the planetary operation force.

4. The CO-NELE planetary refractory mixer is highly automated. The mixer can be equipped with temperature control and humidity control, making the equipment more convenient to operate.

5. The appearance design of CO-NELE planetary refractory mixer is simple and novel, and the layout of the whole machine is also very convenient.

planetary concrete mixer  planetary concrete mixer


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