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CO-NELE produces high-quality planetary mixers for you

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/17
The CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer is mainly used for mixing materials to ensure that the product is uniform and delicate. No matter what kind of state of the material, the planetary mixer can evenly disperse all materials with the same composition ratio.
The planetary concrete mixer is more flexible and diverse in terms of controlling the mixing speed, the temperature of the mixer, and the humidity of the mixer. While CO-NELE provides many mixing advantages for the planetary concrete mixer, it also lays a solid foundation in motor design, discharge methods, and mixer cleaning.
In order to make the planetary concrete mixer have a longer service life, CO-NELE has made great efforts in the selection and configuration of materials. Different users have different needs, and CO-NELE gives more options.
planetary concrete mixer    
planetary concrete mixer

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