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CO-NELE twin-shaft mixer plays an important role in hazardous waste

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/28
Hazardous waste and solid waste are major factors affecting the environment. In order to treat these harmful substances, CO-NELE has specially manufactured a special equipment for solid waste and hazardous waste and mixing according to the situation. Twin shaft concrete mixer is used to solidify and mix hazardous waste and solid waste to make it into a harmless product and realize resource utilization.
Hazardous waste mixers and solid waste curing equipment are able to adapt to harsh production environments. The use of twin-shaft mixing characteristics enables various types of hazardous waste and solid waste sewage to be quickly uniformly stirred. The effects of chemicals and additives can quickly realize the conversion of solidified products, and realize the effects of energy saving and resource saving.
twin shaft concrete mixer
Characteristics of hazardous waste and solid waste mixer :
1. Hazardous waste mixer uses the joint action of two shafts to speed up the treatment operation, and the material solidification speed is fast and the quality is high.
2. The equipment of the hazardous waste mixer has strong durability, which can achieve long-term use of the equipment, and has reliable quality.
3. Hazardous waste treatment mixer can achieve large processing capacity and high economic benefits.

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