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Co-nele double-shaft concrete mixer shaft end disassembly steps

Autior : conele Time : 2018/10/10

  Take the twin-shaft mixer (js3000 concrete mixer) as an example, the same as the js2000 concrete mixer.

  1. Active shaft end removal steps:

  1, remove the belt cover

  1) First remove the side panels

  2) Remove the entire belt cover

  2; take out the coupling

  3; remove the V-belt

  1) Loosen the bolt of the motor base to raise the motor base by about 50mm

  2) Pull the V-belt out

  4, remove the reducer pulley

  5, remove the reducer



twin shaft concrete mixer


  1) If the motor is too high to remove the reducer, please lock the motor base bolt to lower the motor base. Refer to the V-belt removal diagram for details.

  2》Because the reducer is too heavy, please use the relevant equipment (such as electric or manual hoist) to assist in disassembly when disassembling, do not use manpower, do not get hurt.

  3》 Please be careful not to disassemble the reducer with its own bolt (same as the reducer with the same color bolt)

  6, remove the reducer coupling

  Note: When removing the reducer coupling sleeve, the coupling sleeve must be slowly ejected with the ejector bolt.

  7, remove the spline sleeve and spline


  1" Loosen the locking screw of the spline sleeve first, and then loosen the spline sleeve with the self-supporting ejector bolt.

  2" Use a screwdriver or a flat crowbar to slowly pull out the spline sleeve as shown.

  3" After the spline sleeve is loose, push out a part, and then use the steel pipe to pass through the spline groove of the spline sleeve to take out the spline sleeve together with the spline (do not pay attention to safety when removing)

  8. Remove the coupling flange (with the co-nele oil seal removed).

  9, remove the flat button and spacer

  10, take out the bearing block assembly (including bearings, bearing housing, SA oil seal, spacer ring, spacer)

  Demolition bearing

  Demolition bearing

  Detachment ring


  1" Seal the oil port first, then remove the bearing seat and the bearing together, and knock out the bearing and SA oil seal respectively. Finally take out the spacer and spacer.

  2" When removing the bearing seat, the bearing housing should be slowly ejected with the ejector bolt. If the bolt is not long enough, two or three steel plates of the same thickness can be added to assist the ejection.

  3" When removing the rolling bearing, the force should not be too large to avoid damage to the bearing.

  11. Disassemble the mixing arm in the main unit (use the jack to hold the stirring spindle before removing the mixing arm)

  Before dismantling

  12. Remove the seal retaining ring. As shown below

  13, remove the dust cover.

  14, remove the wear ring.

  15, remove the positioning ring assembly (positioning ring, SA oil seal, O-ring, floating ring, floating seal)


  1) Before the disassembly, the gap size between the positioning ring and the cylinder must be measured and recorded;

  2" Firstly remove the positioning ring assembly, and then separate the positioning ring, SA oil seal, O-ring, floating ring, floating seal ring separately.

  16, remove the bushing assembly (floating ring, floating seal, bushing)

  Second, the follower shaft end (tail end) removal steps

  1, remove the sealed end cap

  2, remove the shaft end baffle

  3. For bearing housing and subsequent operation, please refer to the disassembly instructions of the drive shaft end.

  Third, the drive shaft end (head end) installation steps

  1, install the bushing assembly, press the floating ring and the floating seal into the bushing

  2, install the positioning ring assembly


  1) The co-nele oil seal, floating ring and floating seal are pressed into the positioning ring, and the O-ring is loaded into the positioning ring.

  2) The co-nele oil seal has a spring face facing the outside of the positioning ring and facing away from the positioning ring

  3. Press the positioning ring assembly and the bushing assembly into the mixing spindle separately

  1. Press the positioning ring assembly and the bushing assembly.

  2, the bushing assembly is loaded into the mixing spindle

  4, the positioning ring assembly into the mixing spindle


  The bushing assembly and the positioning ring assembly are pre-stressed, and the clearance is guaranteed to be 5mm.

  Set the shaft before lifting, sleek and sleek, no bumps, the main shaft circular runout <0.05 mm

  The gap between the periphery of the positioning ring and the cylinder is even, and the clearance of the oil passage is guaranteed to be about 1.5 mm.

  Note that the gap between the positioning ring and the cylinder is adjusted according to the previous measurement and the clearance is adjusted.

  5, wear wear ring

  6, put on the dust cover


  During installation, observe that the dust cover and the outer end of the wear ring are flush and the error is within 1mm.

  The clearance between the wear ring and the dust cover is 0.5-2.0mm, and the height difference between the wear ring and the end liner is 1mm.

  7, install the sealing ring

  8, install the mixing arm

  Before loading


  The stagger angle and the arrangement of each blade are correct. Please refer to the installation catalogue.

  The mixing arm is allowed to have a gap of not more than 10 mm on the shaft, and the gap between the stirring arm and the main shaft must be greater than 3 mm.

  After the small scraper of the side stirring arm is installed, the gap with the end lining plate is evenly 1-3MM

  Side scraper and side guard plate side liner side clearance <2MM

  The gap between the blade and the bottom plate is 1-5MM

  9, the SA oil is packed into the bearing housing

  Before loading

  Note: The co-nele oil seal has a spring facing away from the bearing housing, ie away from the bearing

  10, the compartment into the mixing spindle

  11, the bearing housing is loaded onto the mixing spindle

  Before loading

  Note: Ensure the flatness of the inner and outer rings of the bearing by fitting the spacer

  12, into the bearing

  Before loading


  1, the mixer main machine round jump <0.05MM, bearing housing and bearing inner and outer ring depth difference <0.2MM (active end depth is 24MM, driven end depth is 6MM)

  13, into the spacer

  Before loading

  14, install the connecting flange and co-nele oil seal

  1) Enclose the co-nele oil into the connecting flange

  2) Insert the flange into the mixing spindle

  Note: When the co-nele oil is packaged, the spring faces the bearing housing and faces the bearing.

  15, install the oil nozzle

  16, put on the flat key, spline sleeve, spline.

  Before loading

  Note: the radial runout of the spline shaft 0.1MM

  17, install the reducer coupling sleeve.

  Before loading

  18, install the reducer

  Before loading


  Cleaning bolts, glue, tighten screws, tightening torque 180NM

  Reducer shaft and spline axial clearance 1-2MM

  19, loading the pulley

  Note: The flatness of the two pulleys requires 1MM (the motor pulley is based on the reducer pulley)

  20, fitted with a V-belt


  When installing the V-belt, please pay attention to the loose motor bolts, and then lock the motor bolts after installation.

  The flatness of the two pulleys requires 1MM (the motor pulley is based on the reducer pulley)

  Ensure that the phase angles of the two spindles are correct, refer to the installation drawings for details.

  21 fitted with coupling, belt cover

  Fourth, the slave end (tail end) installation

  1, before installation please refer to the installation instructions at the head end

  2, loading the shaft end baffle

  3, into the sealing cover


  1. Replace the gap between the dust cover and the wear ring immediately after 5MM;

  2. The clearance between the dust cover and the wear ring is adjusted to 0.5-1.0MM, and the dust cover is flush with the outer end surface of the wear ring.

  3, the locking torque of the chrysanthemum shaft joint M20 bolt 520N.m

  4. If the head end seal is replaced, you need to manually rotate the pulley to make the main shaft 360 degrees. The mixing arm does not interfere. If there is interference, adjust the angle of the mixing arm according to the map of the mixing arm of the album.

  5, the positioning ring and the shaft set are accurately matched, the gap between the positioning ring and the cylinder is even, and the gap size is guaranteed at 4-5MM.