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Commonness of refractory mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/03
The characteristics of the planetary concrete mixer:
Mixing device: The mixing tool adopts a combination of rotation and revolution. The material is subjected to strong force when running according to the planetary mixing path, and the mixing uniformity is high and the effect is good.
Unloading device: The unloading door can be opened and closed by pneumatic and hydraulic means. The discharge cylinder adopts a circular cylinder, which can bear strong pressure, has good stability and superior performance.
Hopper lifting device: adopts environmentally-friendly anti-seizure device with novel design, which can effectively prevent dust from overflowing to meet environmental protection requirements.
planetary concrete mixer
The materials mixed by the intensive mixer are stable high quality, and the inclined design gives the materials enough running space and high utilization rate.
The intensive mixer is designed according to the countercurrent principle. The transmission device of the intensive mixer rotates with the material tank to achieve a uniform mixing effect. The discharge device is designed according to the product and structure to ensure the tightness. A fully automatic control system is used for mixing and unloading.
intensive mixer

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