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Concrete Intensive Mixer is A New Star in Mixer Industry

Autior : conele Time : 2020/06/16

The inclined mixer is also a three-dimensional powerful mixer. It can be said that it is a high-quality model with many advantages in the type of Intensive mixer. The role of the inclined mixer is mainly formed by the rapid rotation and the uniform speed mixing drum and the L-shaped scraper. The three-dimensional mixing flow field produces a sufficiently large mixing effect without dead angle to quickly mix the materials.

The function of the intensive mixer is mainly in two categories: mixing and granulation.

In the mixing action, the advantages of the mixing, dispersion, mixing, and mixing functions of the inclined mixer are also among the best in the industry; regarding the granulation function, the working advantage of the inclined mixer is that this equipment is to eliminate the need for additional mixers.

The intensive mixer will be upgraded and innovated, and the intensive mixer will continue to develop in terms of intelligence, automation, humanization and convenience, and will become a "preferred machine" in the minds of future industry users.


               Concrete Intensive Mixer is A New Star in Mixer Industry           Concrete Intensive Mixer is A New Star in Mixer Industry

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