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Concrete Mixer Produced by CO-NELE Used for Glass

Autior : conele Time : 2020/06/02

Glass mixers and glass mixers used by manufacturers of glass and glass products are easily overlooked in the entire production line. In fact, their role cannot be replaced. Different glass and products require different ingredients and different batching standards. The function of the mixer is very critical to configure various glass raw materials into uniform materials. The functions of general glass mixers in the industry market are difficult to meet higher requirements. CO-NELE provides two special glass mixers.


                 Concrete Mixer Produced by CO-NELE Used for Glass          Concrete Mixer Produced by CO-NELE Used for Glass       

The performance characteristics of CO-NELE glass mixer:

1. There is wear-resistant lining board in the glass mixer barrel, which has good wear resistance.

2. The overall working speed of the glass mixer is fast, and it is more energy-efficient to use.

3. Mature equipment and advanced technology.

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